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Aya Zamir graduated in Summer 2017 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Shenkar Multidisciplinary Art School.

In her works "tension", "boundaries" and "connections" are palpable themes. She is attracted to the seam between different techniques, materials and disciplines. Some of the foundations for these ideas come from her childhood in Kibbutz Har'el.

Born in 1984, Aya was educated on communist ideas that later were abandoned by the community, and in a society that put a lot of emphasis on values and culture. Aya found art to be a way to express ideas that were both personal and communal. Within art, she deals with the conflict between art as an active element and an ineffective medium for awareness at the same time.

Since high school, when Aya majored in arts and science, she has been fascinated by the connection between spirituality and rational thinking. During that time, she raised her awareness to the political situation in the place she lives and to the relationship between social and ecological changes.

Aya explores connections created between different subjects in life and art, resulting in a totally different creation.